Gingham & Mesh!


I have been so addicted to patterned skirts lately, and this navy blue gingham skirt from Banana Republic (I paid $59 with tax and shipping) was no exception! It was just so chic, classy, and I definitely could see myself using this with different pieces (hello cute yellow cardigan?!) It’s actually so popular that I literally bought the last one off their site, no joke.  I hope they restock soon because it’s such a hit!

I went to H&M and came across this cute floral mesh panel top ($17.95), I fell in love with it because it’s simple, yet classy, it’s lightweight and can definitely go with a lot of other things, like a pencil skirt or some skinny jeans. I was worried it would be a bit see-thru, but it’s not (I am actually wearing a strapless black bra from Victoria’s Secret in this pic and you can’t even tell).

Now that we are transitioning into Summer, I am loving all the Spring/Summer styles that I am seeing!

20140529_070931Mesh Panel Top from H&M, $17.95

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