H&M Haul!


Top (2 for $10) and striped skirt from H&M ($29.95)

I have to admit, I was never a huge fan of H&M, first time I ever stepped into one was years ago, I was in New York on a business trip and had to buy a sweater because it was a bit chilly walking around SoHo. I tried on other items that day, and they either seemed too small or too large, and either fitted weirdly on my body or it was sewn in such a way that I felt accentuated every flaw. It was always hit and miss for me – my sister on the other hand LOVES H&M and always finds something whenever we go, but my retort has always been “that’s because your tiny! And can fit into mostly everything in this store!” (while trying not to sound jealous lol).

Only lately have I truly began to really appreciate H&M for what it is, and actually find pieces that I really like. Oddly enough, the things I end up liking at H&M are pretty basic items, solid colored tees, tanks, and skater skirts – nothing exceptionally crazy.

I am really happy with my recent haul because not only did I come out with a lot of stuff (which is rare from this store), I came out with really pretty stuff that just screams summer is up ahead! My favorite items are the ones pictured above, bright yellow tee (right now their tees are 2 for $10), paired with this super cute black and pale taupe (looks white in pics) striped pleated skirt ($29.95). I just love the way the yellow makes this outfit really pop. Best part?! The skirt HAS POCKETS!!!




IMG_0726If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I love floral anything- truth is I love flowers. Period. It’s not only very girly and dainty, but if there is any pattern that is perfect for Spring and Summer, it’s definitely floral print. I fell in love with this floral skirt ($17.95) the moment I tried it on, it fit perfectly and felt that it can truly go with any solid color top, I actually tried this with the same yellow top above and it actually was a fun pairing!

I also got a few shirts, I ended up getting the same mesh/lace top that I wore in this post but in a nude/taupe color. The reason I got the same style is because I really love this shirt due to its versatility – it’s not too dressy of a shirt, but it’s not too casual either. In addition, I see myself wearing these tops with so many other things, and I like pieces that I can get the most use out of.

Lastly, I got a quilted black skater skirt (I hate wearing pants in this Cali heat!) $17.95, and a pair of lace shorts ($24.95).


Closer look of the floral print



Just love the detailing of this shirt! ($17.95), H&M



2 thoughts on “H&M Haul!

  1. You found some great stuff! H&M is awesome, like you, I gravitate towards the basics. Although Forever 21 is more hit or miss for me, I usually find something at H&M. I’ll be looking out for those skirts, I love skirts with pockets!!!

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