J.Crew Factory Steal!


I’m starting to really love J.Crew and Banana Republic, they always seem to have key pieces that are timeless and I find their clothes to be super comfortable. However, being a gal on a budget, sometimes the price tag and I will occasionally disagree.

Luckily, J.Crew and BR have factory stores at the Camarillo outlets which I love as they have such great deals that get along with my wallet!

For instance, I was eyeing this hot pink striped shirt, it’s nothing fancy, in fact,  I deemed it to be so basic for me to even think about spending $49.50 on it. Lo and behold, I walk into the store and it’s 60% off! I only paid $10.73! In addition, I was happy I was able to fit in an XS! Can’t remember the last time I was able to do that, and before anyone tells me they run big, let me have this moment of sunshine lol.



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