Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa and I also run and operate another site http://www.nessasarymakeup.com, which is mainly just about makeup products and tutorials. I started blogging since 2007 and love meeting the people that come thru from my blog, I have met some awesome people! I also love fashion, keeping up with trends, and of course- a good bargain. As much as I occasionally like to splurge on “high-end/brand name” type products, I am simply, and overall, a gal on a budget. I started this site at the suggestion of my husband who knows I love to shop and knows where to get great pieces at awesome prices to fit anyone’s budget. He thought it would a great idea to do this site as an extension of my makeup blog and allows me to focus on other things outside of makeup.

I know that there are many gals out there that cannot afford to  buy expensive brands, or are simply just looking for cheaper alternatives. So my goal is to ultimately showcase “the look for less” or at least where to find similar pieces at a fraction of the cost, and just great deals in general on anything I come across.

It can be about fashion or home decor…if I find a great deal, I will share it!

Other things about me: I love photography and art, I enjoy reading when I have time, I love to organize and plan things, and I am always down for a good laugh and good food with great people! I married the love of my life on March 25, 2012 and just enjoying whatever life brings.

If you have read this far, thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy your stay!


Vanessa Garcia

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