Hermes Inspired Cuff from Etsy

Originally, I saw this bracelet on Google images when I was searching for “cuff bracelets” and when I clicked on the pic to see the original website, I was surprised that it was also a Hermes bracelet, but not shocked about the price tag (really?!? $1,600?!), and this is even on ebay!

I am a sucker for etsy, and came across a really good dupe for the Hermes bracelet (if you type that in the search box on etsy I am sure you can find a few sellers), and they had a white and gold one that I fell in love with! It was around $30 with shipping, still expensive for a bracelet in general, but an awesome price and look alike in comparison to the real thing. Of course the “leather” isn’t as sturdy and reliable as the real deal, and because I got white, I noticed it gets dirty fast, but it’s strikingly similar to the real thing, so I am happy with it and have received many compliments on it already. If you are looking for a dupe for one of these cuffs, definitely check out what Etsy sellers have to offer!

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