Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelet Dupe (Forever 21)

As promised, I am here to deliver “the look for less”, and this post is dedicated to the trendy pyramid bracelets that are so popular right now.

Designer Kenneth Jay Lane has these cute enamel pyramid bracelets, however the cost is far from cute. Found one selling on ebay for $99! Are they smoking crack?!?

Luckily, Forever 21 never seems to fail me in the accessories department, and I was able to snag these awesome dupes (look alikes) for only $6.80 each! I got 3 bracelets in different (and all) of the colors (black, white, and blue) for under $25! Steal! These bracelets are hinged and surprisingly fit my super small wrists and fit comfortably (rather than sliding around my arm), not to mention how cute they are when paired with other bracelets or even just by itself to make a simple statement.

$99 versus $6.80

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